QYT Electronics Co., Ltd. Announces New Certification from JARD


June 12, 2024 – The Japan Amateur Radio Development Association (JARD) has updated its list of radio equipment covered under its spurious emission certification and basic assurance, as well as the list of radio equipment confirmed to meet the new spurious emission standards (Guaranteed Equipment List). The new list prominently features products from international manufacturers.

Among the newly certified products are the 28MHz AM/FM handheld transceivers from QYT Electronics Co., Ltd., located in Nan'an City, Fujian Province, China. The QYT-28 model has been confirmed to meet the stringent new spurious emission standards set by JARD. This certification highlights QYT Electronics' commitment to quality and compliance with global standards.

With the inclusion of these new models, the total number of guaranteed equipment (200W or below) has now reached 1,022. The latest list is available for viewing and download in PDF format from the JARD website.

QYT Electronics is proud to be part of this prestigious list, reinforcing its position as a leading manufacturer of high-quality communication devices. This certification will enhance the company's reputation and expand its market presence in Japan and beyond.

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